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If you went directly to this page, you can begin your custom search right away, first you can always use the search navigation bar at the top and bottom of the site to take you to the most commonly used pages, if you want more specific information, you can select county, city, even neighborhoods for many of the more populated communities. The site directory is itemized to quickly search this web site. If you are in a hurry to begin your search for any property in Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehema, or Trinity County click on one of the links under Fast "Easy Search" under sign up on the home page. Not all listings are provided in other counties only what the agents list through the Shasta MLS.

Redding Area will allow you to quickly search all active Redding and all other properties in Shasta County area MLS real estate listings — for homes, condos,short sales, foreclosures, for sale etc. Each search link has specified searches, like the link "Pools - Redding " for example all the search criteria has been compiled to easily help you search for all homes with Pools. Same search links apply to Cities, Neighborhoods, Ranches, Luxury Homes, Foreclosures including all the local neighborhoods with FAST "Easy Search" links provided on the right hand column for fast searches. Prices for homes has been set up below and under Fast "Easy Search" to help you browse quickly for your price bracket on the main home page and the Redding page to help make your searches more easily found.

This site offers your home search that you very rarely find with other real estate searches on the market, you can easily search for homes by county, neighborhood, price, square footage, and many specialized search links have already been provided to simply your quick search. Map search not only provides panoramic views of the streets, but also what the properties look like from a close aerial view. Now you can visual view homes presented by agents to view inside and out, and even see what the neighborhood looks like down the street by using the hybrid option before you even drive up to the home, this helps you identify what you are looking for and helps the agent too. Saves a lot of gas.

I have provided the most 5 recent listings on all the pages of this web site, if you only see one or the page is no longer showing listings, all listings for that area have pended and no longer show up as a active listing per the MLS updates in Shasta County. There is a blue search button at the bottom of this page to see all the listings in sort order highest price first, and you can easily change your criteria by choosing other ways to sort by opening up the box above the prices showing on the searching window. The following sorts have been provided: Highest to Lowest, Lowest to Highest, Newest Properties to Oldest and Oldest to Newest Properties.

You will see red down arrows, these indicate there have been price reductions for this property, click on the area for more information, a balloon will pop up and it will tell you when the reduction posted and how much the listing has been reduced. There is also a green arrow and yep it indicates a price increase for that property. The red arrow is very helpful which indicates the seller is more anxious to sell his or her property. So feel free to click on the blue search button to see ALL the listings entered through the Shasta MLS, or used the links provided.

You can even save homes and properties to your favorites so you can view them later, and will be updated as the new listings with your search criteria enters the market by email. The updates will include new listings as well as price increase and or reductions on your computer or smart phone. I hope you find this site to prove a easy functional user friendly search and for your enjoyment as you search for that favorite property in Shasta MLS.


My Fast  "EASY SEARCH" makes your property search so easy to find all the properties for sale in Glenn County Lassen County, Modoc CountyShasta County Siskioyou County, Tehama County, Trinity County and Redding, CA and with IDX technology the new listings, price changes, will be updated daily by the Shasta Multiple Listing Service on your computer or smart phone.   In order not to miss properties you are searching for, sign in to get your updates and to view large photos. Just Like My Fast "Easy Search simple to get started, to save all your searches, save favorite properties. Try it, it is free! 

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